The Sciencemadness Discussion Board is an online forum dedicated to amateur chemistry. It was started by the user Polverone on 20 May 2002 and has been active ever since then.

Sections Edit

Chemistry in General Edit

This is where most forum discussion takes place. Here, topics in inorganic chemistry are discussed.

Organic Chemistry Edit

Any discussions involving organic chemistry, including organic synthesis, take place here.

Reagents and Apparatus Acquisition Edit

This is where finding sources of lab materials is done. Occassionally, trades may take place here, and offers may be promoted.

Beginnings Edit

Absolute beginning chemistry subjects, including help with basic chemistry, are discussed here. Note that you must demonstrate some sort of effort before posting here for help - do not copy and paste textbook questions here.

Miscellaneous Edit

This section is dedicated to all other forms of mad science discussion, including physics, biology, mathematics, metallurgy, element collecting, radioactive materials, and electronics. There is also a "Pretty Pictures" thread for posting lab photos, and a "Short Questions" thread for asking questions that aren't worthy of starting a whole new thread.


Request or supply references here. This forum is restricted, and access must be asked of an administrator (Polverone, woelen or Bert).

Forum MattersEdit

Discuss any forum policy, features and updates here.

Legal and Societal IssuesEdit

About any difficulties or issues with hobby chemistry.


About anything and everything. This forum is restricted, and access must be asked of an administrator (Polverone, woelen or Bert).


Topics that have absolutely no use, flame wars, and other crap is dropped here. This forum cannot be posted in but is free to browse for your amusement.

Notable membersEdit


Polverone, along with madscientist, founded the Sciencemadness Discussion Board on 20 May 2002. He is currently a Super Administrator and does most forum tasks, such as making backups and upgrading the server.


woelen is a forum administrator who also runs a science and mathematics website, linked here. He often posts quite complex experiments and logs them on his website.


Bert is the newest moderator and has been active for 10 years on the forums, specializing in energetic materials.


blogfast25 holds the record for most posts on the forum and runs a business, Oxford ChemServe.


MrHomeScientist runs a blog and a popular YouTube channel about chemistry. One of his specialties is thermites.

Gooferking ScienceEdit

Gooferking Science runs a YouTube channel and has a website about science.


TheChemiKid runs a YouTube channel about chemistry.


Tdep runs a kewlish but fun YouTube channel, Explosionsandfire, with his friends.

Praxichys (formerly DougTheMapper)Edit

Praxichys runs a YouTube channel about chemistry (the old one, zhmapper, is here) and has an extensive home lab.


zts16 founded this wiki.


Brain&Force is a wiki administrator.


Because everyone loves the forum redneck. He has a personal YouTube channel.

elementcollector1 Edit

As the name states, obsessed with element collecting. Ask me of nothing else.